July 14, 2024

San Diego home sales market

San Diego home sales
San Diego home sales

Dataquick La Jolla-based real estate information company just released a report showing that San Diego home sales were up a tiny 0.3% in October when compared to October a year ago. But, even this tiny increase in sales did not translate into an increase in San Diego home prices.

The same report showed that for October San Diego home prices fell 5.8% when compared to October 2010.

When Dataquick compared home sales for Southern California last month,they were down 7.3% from September, but up a modest 0.5% from October 2010.

For for Southern California Dataquick showed the medianhome sales price in October down 3.6% from September and off 4.6% from October 2010.

San Diego home sales

It seems certain to me to take a modest dip for the remaining two months of the year and San Diego home prices should follow.