July 19, 2024

San Diego Housing Bubble 2016

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Is there a San Diego housing bubble that’s going to burst sometime soon?

Usually it would be very rare on a real estate agents or real estate broker site that have a post about the possibility of another real estate bubble. But, with that said real estate brokers and real estate agents are not economist and basically we in a sales industry, where to be successful you must be optimistic. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being optimistic about your industry. The problem is when industry insiders become overly optimistic and operate with a set of blinders.

This is exactly what happened in the San Diego real estate bubble that started in 2005. I was lucky enough to be one of the very few San Diego real estate professionals who in the summer of 2005 wrote extensively about what I saw as an eminent San Diego real estate market crash.
Not only did I write about this in the summer of 2005 but I also acted upon it with my own San Diego real estate investments. I sold my San Diego real estate rental properties and made a profit on each. A number of other San Diego real estate brokers suggested that instead of outright sales, I do a 1031 tax-free exchange with these properties. But, because I felt this would be a national real estate decline I decided to take a profit rather than roll the properties over into other properties whether within or without of California.

Currently, I see similar some over optimism about our current market that causes me a little concern. But, because of our unusual shortage of available properties here in San Diego and Southern California for that matter, I don’t feel that real estate homeowners in San Diego have anything to worry about for the moment.

Naturally the real estate market here in San Diego is a very fluid market subject to many variables such as interest rates, employment opportunities, available inventory of homes and government tax policies. So, my best advice to stay on top of the San Diego real estate market’s condition and direction is to mark my site is one of your favorites and be sure to check back often.

Housing Bubble 2016