July 13, 2024
San Diego real estate marketThe Doom & Gloom scenarios seem almost universal – indicating that perhaps the worst has already been discounted. Don't expect any 'instant' clearly defined bottom. It's going to take months, many months, before a real bottom is established.
So for now, "hold on" for more volatility until the dust settles and buyers and investors begin looking past the devastation to the inevitable economic and San Diego housing market recovery.                     San Diego real estate agents

4 thoughts on “San Diego Real Estate – Recovery or Collapse?

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  2. A house is worth no more than what someone is willing to pay you for it. No buyer? Value = $0. House prices have held steady throughout the past 100 years in the US at 3x median income of whatever area you study… because every house you build must be affordable to the workers within the surrounding area.

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