July 14, 2024

Wall street voices its opinion of the Government bailout. First it was the Government cash taxpayer rebate. Then we had a Government housing bailout effective October 1, 2008. Then, in a third step, the Government bailout program known as the "rescue bill," signed into law on October 5, 2008.

During the three business days after the latest bailout bill was voted on, Wall Street & all other world marketssaw huge declines. Note the Dow Jones Index chart shown below:

 stock market reaction to Government bailout

Now, Obama is already proposing another bailout plan. I would suggest that just like the Rocky movies, we name these new bills, bailout #1, bailout #2, bailout #3 … It would be much easier to reference these different bills if each was numbered. 

I venture to say that somewhere around bailout #4 or #5 (the P.C. name of the next bill will most likely be "The neighborhood village revitalization Act") we will finally see the Government's real end-game: Behind on your home payments? Not to worry, we will rewrite your loan to the new depreciated value of your home and reduce your interest rate to today's rate. Plus, we will extend the 30 year term to 60 years to lower your monthly payments. If you cannot make your new drastically reduced payments, just pay what you can and we'll make up the difference by again extending your payback period beyond the sixty year term. Did I hear anyone say 100-year home mortgages?

Naturally, you can keep the new speedboat and SUV you purchased with your original home equity loan.

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4 thoughts on “So Much For The Bailout

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  2. So how bad is it? I hear all these ramblings, fancy financial terms and so on. But what does it all really mean? Does the US collapse? Do we see soup lines and down trodden people like the experience was during the Great Depression? Seems to me the US financial catastrophe is pretty simple. Our government and the citizens of the US have consistently spent more than they take in. At some point the debt becomes so great we are unable to pay it back, or manage it. When we are no longer able to pay our debts what happens? Do we surrender assets, land and military hardware to the foreign nationals we’ve been burrowing money from over the last two decades? Maybe a fire sale of America? The whole system is a sham and we only have ourselves and those shysters in Wall Street and the Scum of Washington DC to blame..Sorry to say but, neither McCain, Clinton nor Obama will be able to save us from this SNAFU. The concept of uncontrolled spending and deficit through credit has finally caught up with us. This decade is perhaps a time for reckoning in which our short sighted ways and embrace of Wall Street’s psychopathic free market capitalism garnered by greed and unequaled corruption will finally get the best of us..

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  3. The US government gave the bailout plan to give some beneficial funds in different sectors in coping with the economic crisis. But the recent news that the Obama administration raises deficit forecast to $9 trillion also means that White House has been way off with its economic projections on bailouts.

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