July 13, 2024

The truth about the San Diego reaol estate market:

TRUTH – Many people assumed San Diego real estate values could never go down.

TRUTH – Many let people greed replace common sence.

TRUTH – Many San Diego homeowners used their home's equity to live beyond their means.

TRUTH – Our Government cannot correct the poor decisions made by all homeowners!

TRUTH – Many people entered into home mortgage loans that they simply could not afford.

TRUTH – Many lenders created an atmosphere and a loan package that tempted too many people into a false sense of ability to pay.

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At the end of the day, the thruth is that if someone cannot afford the mortgage (and insurance, HOA fees, and property taxes) they, sadly, must give up the home. The truth is the truth. 60 years of living through life's challenges taught me that lesson. Be responsible for your decisions and the healing can begin. Use whatever assistance comes now to face reality and if you cannot afford your home then leave it and start over. Your family and your country will respect you more and you will respect yourself as well. Reality decisions are never easy but always necessary.               San Diego real estate agents

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