July 15, 2024

Will historically low interest rates be the key to turning around or putting a bottom in place for the San Diego housing bust?

Mortgage rates are near their lowest levels in nearly 40 years. Plus, the government wants to offer new borrowers a 4.5% mortgage rate as an incentive. 

Ivy Zelman, chief executive of housing-research firm Zelman & Associates, estimates that nationally, even with such a low rate, only about 67% of U.S. households can afford a house. Homeownership was nearly 68% in the third quarter, according to the Census Bureau, implying there is virtually no untapped demand for homes.

7 thoughts on “San Diego Real Estate … Will Low Interest Rates Help?

  1. If you are going to buy a home that you are planning on living in, buy one that you can afford, taxes and insurance and maintenance included. The “asking” price does not tell the whole story, nor does the “adjustable” loan. People paid too much thinking they could flip the house, found no buyer and the adjustable loan was “adjusting”, just like they’d been warned. Of course, no one fore saw the gas prices, the electricity prices, the food prices going through the roof, and all the unemployment.
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  2. Homes will always be unaffordable to the average person in high priced CA as long as government subsidize home owners in the form of mortgage tax deductions, and Fannie Mae bailouts. Remove the interest tax deduction and watch the prices correct 50%. This place a bottom on home prices and increase home ownership than further government meddling. The issue is affordability, not unemployment. Prices are still too high due to government tax policies and bad lending practices. Prices are beginning to correct in my area (Florida).
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