July 12, 2024

Supreme Court ends eviction moratorium

This is the second time that the Supreme Court ruled that the CDC does NOT have the power to issue any eviction moratoriums!

So they’ve stopped him at the border, they’ve stopped him with stealing peoples properties, when are they going to stop him from abandoning citizens trapped in Afghanistan?

Supreme Court ends eviction moratorium

Supreme Court ends eviction moratorium - San Diego new Central Library

Everyone that is upset about this needs to understand two things. 1. Someone has been stiffed a mortgage they likely cannot afford – not all land lords are scummy or rich.. some legitimately are just trying to get by or value their house… and there have been no protections for them. Their credit is wrecked and someone has been living rent free in their home for a year. 2. You’re lying to yourself if you don’t think some people didn’t just stop paying rent because they could…

The Supreme Court just ENDED the eviction moratorium. The eviction moratorium was put in place to protect tenants from being evicted during the pandemic. Now there will be millions and millions of tenants that will soon be evicted. Some states still have eviction protections such as NY and CA. This real estate bubble will soon be brought back to reality with some buyers likely soon to sit on the sideline to see what is about to happen.

Sure, some will call this “heartless” to make sure 1000’s of HOME OWNERS can TAKE BACK their homes from people who refuse to pay them?? They call it “heartless” to ensure that those 1000’s of home owners can now find new tenants who will pay them and actually give them the money needed to pay the mortgage on their home. Or to pay their own bills, or to buy food for their table?! Get out of here!! Everything costs someone something, people NOTHING can be had for free anymore!

Congress never gave the CDC the authority? What the hell did congress do to STOP the CDC? I don’t much like the SCOTUS admitting that stripping landlords of their private property rights and violating contract laws would have been okay if congress had voted for it. And if states decide to extend the moratoriums, they should in no way get Federal taxpayer dollars for doing so – but of course they WILL if they are blue states.

Supreme Court ends eviction moratorium


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