July 12, 2024

Trump Moving?

Trump Moving? - California real estate - New California Real Estate Tax


Have your worst election fears come true? did you use social media prior to the election results to state that if Trump won the presidential election you would move out of the country?

Well, if you intend to remain true to your promise, and you have a property in California, actually in San Diego in particular I’m making a special offer to try to save you quite a lot of money on the typical listing broker’s commission.

Trump Moving?

With the average San Diego residential property selling for around $500,000, if you qualify for this special offer,, and act within the next 30 days you could easily say well over $14,000 on the listing commissions.

The truth is, with San Diego being such an ideal place to live,  I can’t imagine many people who would want to move from our little U.S. paradise. But, with the election results showing that is substantial majority of Californians did vote for Hillary Clinton,if you are one of those in San Diego intent on moving out of the country, why not save some big bucks on the listing commissions on your home?

If you qualify by having made a public statement on the Internet that you would be moving because of trump selection, now might be the time to take advantage of saving thousands on the sale of your San Diego home.

Currently there still remains a shortage of good available properties for sale in San Diego County. so, depending on what country you’re moving to, you might be able to purchase a much newer and bigger property and still pocket a substantial amount of the proceeds that you would have received from your San Diego home sale.

So, if you’re one of those celebrities are not, who have made a public Internet statement that you would be moving if Trump won the election, and you have a property that you need to sell here in San Diego to move out of the country contact me for full details on my discounted listing commission program.



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Trump Moving?



3 thoughts on “Trump Moving?

  1. The media bias was clear. The collusion was clear. The utter falsehoods were clear. It was clear the polls were rigged, and it was clear that “the RealClear average” means nothing anymore.

  2. great promotional post . . . I’m sure you never expected and probably never did get anybody to take you up on this. I’ve already heard that 100% of the big celebrities who said they were moving have come up with excuses why they are not.

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