July 14, 2024

Reasons Why So Many People Are Leaving California

Joel Kotkin. Joel is the R.C. Hobbs Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University in Orange and executive director of the Houston-based Center for Opportunity Urbanism. We discuss why so many people are fleeing California.

Equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity. I’ve heard people in CA refer to the homeless as “people like us”. They’re not. 100% of homeless in LA for example are either mentally disabled, drug addicts, or both. No one is a normal person just down on their luck. It’s virtue signalling and disgusting.

Why Leave California?

 San Diego real estate investing Why Leave California
Why Leave California

Not  mentioned in the video, are our insane taxes and communist style government! Plus, Joel seems to blame the Republican party and not the dems LOL.

The Democrats are aware millions of Californians are moving out wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the main reason why they love allowing so many illegals to live in the state. It’s a socialist place to live you’re either rich or poor in California there is no middle class here anymore. People moving into the state are either undocumented or mooching off the welfare system which 40% of the state’s budget goes toward. Not to mention the amount of businesses leaving that’s why it’s hard for people to find good paying jobs.

What would be very interesting is a look at the number of California government (state, city, county) and their pay vs. the California private sector.

Another reason: Day 1 of the quarantine: weed shops were still open so people could get their “medicine.” Nobody is going to wake up if they’re doped up all the time.

Actually, Joel is part of the problem when he admits that he is still registered as a Democrat in California even though he sounds more like a moderate Republican. California has no chance unless there is some cataclysmic revolution that takes place. You never really know if something like that could occur via a French Revolution where the Tom Steyer and Mark Zuckerberg crowd along with major politicians are getting their heads lopped off via the guillotine.

In California most have to pay for healthcare while illegals get it free, drugs are more available now more than ever, homelessness just packed full of drug addicts (not all homeless people are bad and drug addicts), power outages while going BK, corrupt politicians, crime rates going up, prices continue to increase due to inflation, criminals are getting slaps on the wrists, crime is being promoted, and don’t even get me started with traffic; pollution keeps getting worst. I rather wait for traffic to lower (doing uber or doordash is extremely not worth it in extremely condensed areas when trying to make some extra income). The whole state is a shithole and it happened all very fast due to the mismanagement of the State and corruption.

What’s going on California? Heavy taxes and rules so the middle class is leaving. What’s next for California? Super rich and super poor and bankruptcy. The Feds may bale them out and they will have learned nothing.

Why is the population of California growing if so many people are leaving? California is being colonized by another country. How does it sustain at this time? 

California will never become conservative again. The latino population, which is approximately 40 percent, has and will always vote one third conservative, and two thirds liberal.

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Why Leave California