July 13, 2024

home foreclosuresA little good news for the housing market. HOPE NOW, a private sector alliance of mortgage service reps, counselors, and investors working to prevent foreclosures, reported today that it helped a record number of homeowners avoid foreclosure in the second quarter, completing more than 522,000 mortgage workouts for loans that were headed for default.

Mortgage service reps provided workouts for approximately 181,000 borrowers in June, an increase of 14,000 over May. Approximately 105,000 of those received some form of a repayment plan.

HOPE NOW also reports that the total number of foreclosures prevented by mortgage service reps, since its inception in July 2007, has climbed to approximately 1.9 million. A few of our prior popular posts on home foreclosures were:

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2 thoughts on “A Record Number of Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure in the Second Quarter

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  2. Dummies should have made sure they could afford houses before buying them. Lenders should have been more analytical is choosing borrowers who really had the capacity to repay loans at whatever the maximum interest rate could be after any teaser rate ended. Fools–all of the players in this drama are fools.

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