July 13, 2024

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

During an interview on CNBC Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman and chief executive Warren Buffett said  that the U.S. economy is in shambles. Buffett also said he’s sure the actions the government has taken in the past year to help the economy will result in high inflation down the road. Buffett also said that even with all  the unprecedented  Government spending he saw no bounce in the economy.

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2 thoughts on “Buffett … U.S. Economy in Shambles

  1. OK America Business & Politicians…..it’s time for you idiots to get out of the way of those who have real answers to save the economy. You idiots have been in power too long. You don’t know what you’re doing trying to save those stupid banks and mortgage companies. You’ve screw the American public out of their equity in their homes, that which was driving this economy. Threat was the “ATM” of the consumer. Let OBAMA and his team come on the field and shut down that stupid war, and put plans in place to put America back to work.

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  2. Lenin was (sort of) right! He just didn’t know why. The inherent contradictions in a capitalist society will destroy capitalism as you know it! The oppression and greed of banks will lead to massive dislocations in the economy that will force true economic and social revolution in this country through legalized institutions.

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