July 17, 2024

Housing Inflation 2021

The answer to why the U.S. housing markets have been going through the roof.  With house prices where they are now,  it is not possible to think of this as one of the most obvious signs that massive inflation has already started! Peter Schiff explains where the opportunities can be found in the unfolding financial crisis. Recorded at the January 2021

The large majority of the people in the U.S. don’t know what inflation means.. they hear “free” and that’s it. How do you teach the uninformed and the careless? Because of this, and the fact they don’t want to educate themselves. It will be to late for them. Then they will try to figure it out, after it’s to late.

Housing Inflation

The government IS the economy now. When rates turn negative, that’s when you know we have arrived at the terminal stage. Can anybody tell me when was the last time rates have been this low, for this long of time? How about: NEVER. That right there should tell you something.

I think Schiff’s  best quote from the video is: “If you think the cpi is giving you a accurate read on inflation that would be like assuming the mafia’s giving you a accurate report on crime”

Printing money and handing it out fixes nothing. If you don’t make stuff – there is no stuff. – Elon Musk

The problem here is Peter has too much common sense; doesn’t Peter know the U.S. government stopped using common sense a long time ago? We’re in Bizzaro world, baby!

What a mess. Scary. Unless I’m missing some thing a lot of the increase during Trumps term was due to the pandemic and the overinflated spending package of the Democrats. The Dems held the stimulus hostage to push through their multi trillion dollar bill, stuffed with pork and funding for other countries as well. We need to get our own house in order before funding foreign cultural programs. Anyway, they all bare some responsibility. The republican party is fairly impotent and has been for a long time. Regardless, this massive debt, that all parties had a hand in is going to come back to bite us.
The last all republican budget deficit in 2006 was $169 billion. The first all democrat deficit when they took over all of government was over a trillion. We have been borrowing a trillion a year every year since. The deficit number is nonsense. And yes, republicans pretended to be fiscally conservative when they had congress and then went on a spending binge. But democrats are not innocent. And the Obama trillion dollar stimulus was a slush fund for democrats. the money is gone and he admitted it did not create jobs! The democrats serve mexico and china. republicans the DOD. with democrats openly declaring republicans to be their enemy I cannot see how this can continue. they were angry when they lost in 2016 and now are angry when they win everything. I think they know they cheated and that they drove millions into poverty to win, and they need to redirect the blame! If the country broke up we would be closer to the original constitution where the states control their own destiny.
The sad part of this is that an informative video like this will get less then 50k views, meanwhile back at the Kardashians, the views are stacking up by the billions. Hence the problem! Now, let’s add to this problem by having many states declare recreational marijuana legal, when if the real reason was not to incarcerate citizens for minor crimes, they could have just reduced or eliminated the penalties for small amounts in one’s possession. But, to now make it legal and easily obtainable in the guise of raising a new revenue source for government, is really quite misleading. I believe one of the real reasons for the legalization of marijuana is to keep the US populace stoned! When you’re stoned you could care less about politics, and are very nonproductive. This will soon lead to dependence on government programs to get you straight, and to provide for your life’s essentials, which you could care about less about, in a cloud of smoke!
Yes, Obama’s budget for the eight years he was in power was larger than all the preceding presidents! And it looks like trumps one term deficit will be larger than Obama’s summation point so can anyone not see that Biden’s deficit will be larger than the combination of all prior presidents? So, with guaranteed increased taxation and stratospheric government spending under the Biden administration, what do you think the outcome will be, or should I just say, move over Venezuela!

Housing Inflation