July 13, 2024

New Real Estate Tax Plan

The Biden administration is considering increasing the long-term capital gains tax rate, which can result in investors paying more upon the sale of their real estate investments.

If this gets put into law, the tax treatment advantage that equity investments have typically held over debt investments due to capital gains treatment on equity profits may soon disappear or be diminished.

New Real Estate Tax Plan

Who would have thought that in a span of about 10 months are gas prices would go up about a dollar fifty a gallon?  Or, just a few months ago who would have thought that we have an Administration so inept that would they would pull our military out before our own citizens in Afghanistan?  What about are wide open borders for the last 10 months? What I’m getting at here, is this new real estate tax is just a proposal, but in today’s leftist controlled Administration, it would come as no surprise that this crazy proposal may actually become law!

So even though this is just a proposal at the current time, it’s very important that you  contact your congressional representative to express your dismay on this proposal. It’s my personal opinion, that as  proposed currently,  this would become law oh, it would turn the real estate investment Market on its head!  Plus, this is such a dramatic change that it may actually be the trigger for a total collapse in the investment real estate market!


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