July 16, 2024

San Diego California home pricesDataQuick, based in La Jolla, CA, reported today that sales fell 39 percent from a year earlier in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. There were 10,777 homes sold in February in those six counties. Southern California's home sales volume has hit new lows every month since September.

For San Diego real estate, DataQuick reported 1,954 properties sold in February 2008. This was off by 31.7% from February 2007. The San Diego median home value for February was $515,00. This was down 13.5% from a year ago.

Keep in mind, the San Diego real estate bubble market peak was set in the summer of 2005. So, I would feel very confident to say that with minor exceptions, the majority of San Diego homes have dropped over 20% in value since the top in 2005. Has San Diego real estate hit bottom???

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  2. Stagflation is the problem going forward, not recession. If our gdp is 70% consumer spending, there is no value added to the society. The big muckimucks of wallstreet should consider how to invest in areas that increases value and not just consumer spending!! That is what will take out of stagflation

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