July 14, 2024
San Diego housing market
San Diego housing market

Home prices are still a bubble compared to historic norm. According to Case Shiller index, we are still 20% above long term averages. Typical bottom comes at 20% below average. But this is not your typical recession. This is a deflationary crash. This is Great Depression material. These averages themselves are based on a money supply that was inflated by borrowing for many decades. When the money supply deflates, existing prices and salaries cannot be sustained.

Past generations paid less for housing compared to their income. Whatever you do, do not get into too much debt. If you want to buy, buy cash down or with a large down payment. Even if prices do not fall, in many cases, renting can be cheaper if you consider mortgage interest, property taxes, condo fees, maintenance, lost interest/investment income…

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2 thoughts on “San Diego Housing Market Bottom?

  1. In my opinion those who have got cash can enter into this market as ‘timing’ the market is very difficult. Chances of deflation are not not very high.

    Dan Statlander
    (Real estate experts in Boca Raton Florida)

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