July 13, 2024
San Diego homes
San Diego homes

For many homeowners in San Diego  we reach the fourth stage of housing-bubble grief — Depression.

We’ve somehow managed to traverse the first three stages of the crisis: 1) Denial, “What housing bubble? Buy now before you’re priced out of the market!”; 2) Anger, “Those evil banks, SOBs”; 3) Bargaining, “HAMP, $8K Tax Credits, Stimulus, etc.”.

Now we find ourselves facing the crisis with eyes wide open, and it is enough to sober up the drunkest of drunks after a three-day bender. Not surprisingly, the realization that the housing crisis remains, notwithstanding several years of government effort to bargain it away, is more than a little Depressing.

But all is not lost, for the next stage of housing bubble grief is Acceptance. By accepting the present circumstance, we will, both collectively and individually, be able to recognize that the true beauty of the human spirit is not in avoiding the fall, but in picking oneself up after the fall.

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