July 15, 2024

San Diego homes for sale
San Diego homes for sale

Now with the Federal real estate tax credits over, it may not be long  before these tax credit buyers realize that buying declining real estate to get that taxable tax credit is a losing trade.. That little bit of “free” money ends up costing the investor a great deal more than the benefit.

I think it would be very possible that just  a year from now, the majority of the San Diego tax credit buyers will find that their homes are about the same value as they originally paid or actually have declined.

The Government’s free money just simply shifts demand forward as buyers jump for the government tax carrot … a carrot likely dangled over an abyss of asset price deflation.

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5 thoughts on “San Diego Real Estate – Buying Into A Declining Market

  1. I think this is best opportunity to buy home or property into San Diego, because right now real estate market is in decline mode and it is best opportunity to get investment in San Diego based real estate.

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