July 13, 2024

San Diego Real Estate Traffic

The real secret in marketing (website marketing) is driving unique targeted traffic to your website.

San Diego townhome for sale - San Diego Real Estate Traffic

Sure, you can have a great looking website with terrific graphics, color-coordinated, a motion background and decent content. But, unless your content generates a huge amount of targeted traffic, your not achieving the true potential that the Internet offers.

The best gauge for any websites authority and marketing potential is its unique monthly visitors! Keep in mind the unique visit is counted as just one visit from a URL, whether it’s a website or mobile device, in a 24 hour period.

In November 2017, www.brokerforyou.com had over 20,300 unique visitors! Keep in mind, that in large metropolitan areas where real estate is very competitive, it takes hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to a real estate website to convert one, into a legitimate real estate buyer or seller!

brokerforyou.com Nov traffic
brokerforyou.com Nov traffic

 San Diego real estate website traffic comparison:

The traffic graph below is from a La Jolla California real estate website that is 11 years old. The age of a website is considered by many to be an important factor in the Google algorithm for ranking websites. So, the longer a website has been in existence would usually give it a substantial ranking boost over much younger similar websites. An 11-year-old website, like this La Jolla California website, should out rank many newer La Jolla real estate websites.

La Jolla real estate trafficThe above graphic shows that this well-established La Jolla California real estate website is generating approximately 1,200 unique visitors per month. Personally, I believe this is substantially more unique traffic than the majority of real estate websites out there.

Now, www.brokerforyou.com is approximately 19 years old and produces quite a lot of unique content as well as a popular YouTube channel. These are the main reasons that www.brokerforyou.com generates over 20 times the monthly unique traffic that this well established La Jolla California real estate site generates.

For all the real estate professionals who are reading this post, here’s some additional information you may find useful:

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San Diego Real Estate Traffic