July 12, 2024

San Diego renters virus assistance

Obamacare real estate tax - San Diego Renters Virus Assistance

The City of San Diego has set aside $15.1 million to help renters who have been impacted by the virus.

Renters Virus Assistance

The  City of San Diego says that they now have up to $4,000 per household available to renters who have experienced a health or economic downturn due to the virus. The city says that families with young children and the elderly will receive priority in this assistance program.

It’s estimated that this program could help approximately 3,500 households in San Diego also the San Diego housing commission has established a Gofundme donation page for the public to help contribute to this program as well.

Just yesterday, San Diego county’s new state-calculated rate of coronavirus cases per every 100,000 residents was at 7.1. However, the state also had “7.0” listed inside the data spreadsheet that the state also posts. County spokesman Michael Workman confirmed later in the day that the case rate was actually 7.0, If that case rate had spiked to 7.1 and increased for a second week in a row, the region would have shifted back down to Tier 1, which is also known as the Purple Tier, California’s most restrictive category in its color-coded system of coronavirus rankings.

San Diego County remains in Tier 2, also known as the Red Tier. Although restrictions are still imposed in this metric, indoor services at some establishments like restaurants, fitness centers and places of worship are allowed under limited capacity.

Some business owners announced their intention to continue with indoor operations even if the region were to be demoted to Tier 1. Ultimately, however, San Diego County squeaked by and was able to remain in Tier 2, also known as the Red Tier – saving business owners the trouble of having to readjust their workflow.

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