July 14, 2024
US economyWe are at the intersection of complete breakdown and, held to contract law, we are bankrupt. So what? Who is going to call our notes? American Capitalism has won the world which is (for) now shackled to our hip. Sell our bonds, raise our interest rates as a result of our obvious insolvency and hide where? There is no throwing us overboard and keeping the ship afloat. As bankrupt as we are, we remain the safe harbor in a storm, The dollar is strong and rising despite the incessant hum from the Treasury's presses.

Does anyone get it? If we were about to fail, our dollar would be evaporating and our interest rates rising; gold would be far north of $2,000. That's not happening. Ergo America HAS survived mainly because the world does not want to fall into the enormous void created by (legitimately) calling our loan. Capitalism will change but continue to lead the world forward, The song goes on with the a slightly slower rythm (for now) and similar melody.                                              San Diego real estate agent

5 thoughts on “U.S. Economy … Case for Optimism

  1. Our economic condition was caused by lack of regulation, politicians, Greenspan, or any other government entity. It was caused by people taking out mortgages that they are not repaying. Derivatives were only risky investments if borrowers defaulted on their loans. Bank funds only dry up if people default on their loans. Look up and down your neighborhood streets to find the culprits responsible for the economic catastrophy.
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  3. I just read a very gloomy article on American economic decline (“terminal” it said) and Googled “us economy optimism” to be greeted by this. A bit weak to be honest.

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