July 17, 2024

homeowners183,000 at-risk homeowners got to stay in their homes this April, thanks to Hope Now, a coalition of mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, and community members who have banded together to help prevent foreclosures. Although foreclosures are still rising (up 65% from this month last year, according to online marketer, RealtyTrac), the relief organization is optimistic.

"These numbers clearly demonstrate that Hope Now is succeeding at helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes," said Hope Now's executive director, Faith Schwartz.

Hope Now has increased the number of homeowners it has helped from March to April by 7.6%, and completed 1.6 million at-risk loan workouts since July 2007.                     San Diego County real estate agents

3 thoughts on “183,000 Homeowners Get Help To Stay In Their Homes

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