July 13, 2024

Brokerforyou.com Visitors

Over 26,000 average unique visitors per month to this San Diego real estate blog site!

Brokerforyou.com VisitorsI’d like to say thank you to all my visitors.. It’s great to know that there such an interest in the real estate articles and opinions I post here on this San Diego real estate blog site.

There’s a big difference between unique visitors and just hits to a website. The reason I tried to show how many unique visitors the site generates is because this figure is a much more accurate representation of the popularity of any site. Basically, a unique visitor is one visit from a specific URL in a 24-hour period. So, if this is the first time you’re visiting this  site, the background software has counted your visit as a unique visit. And, if you go back to this site at any time within a 24-hour period from your first visit, the site will not count any other visits from your URL until a 24-hour period has elapsed from your initial visit.

Brokerforyou.com Visitors

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The way hits are counted to a website is entirely different. Again, basically, if I had a dozen graphics/photos on my main page, one visitor would be counted as 12 hits as each one of these graphic pieces loads.  Also, perhaps more importantly, if that same visitor would come back to the site at any time, each time they came to the main page it would be counted as 12 hits. What I’m saying here is that if one visitor found my page during the day, and then came back to it later that evening or for that matter any time after their first visit, each time they entered the site it would be counted as 12 hits. This is why the number of hits that your site gets is really irrelevant.

Counting unique visitors to a site is a much more accurate idea of the popularity of that site.


Brokerforyou.com Visitors