July 13, 2024

Housing Market 2022

Real Estate, housing market, buyer demand and interest rates

The Federal Reserve board has already announced that they’re going to be a number of interest rate hikes this year. I think the Russian Ukrainian conflict has put that on a temporary hold.

Quite a few people believe that once this conflict is over, we’re going to see the interest rate start there climb higher. As always, once interest rates start to move up, housing affordability and housing demand decrease.

Housing Market 2022 – Real Estate, housing market, buyer demand and interest rates

The housing demand will hit the affordability wall this year. Even if people want to buy homes, it does not matter if they cannot pay for them! That’s when we’ll see how much of it is fear of missing out! If prices go down for a few months straight, the speculators will hide, and if the housing market continues to soften, investors will start to unload their inventory of homes and this action, could very well end up feeding on itself, and causing a much bigger drop in home values than anyone is anticipating.

It’s a tried-and-true saying, anyone trying to call the top or bottom of a major market (housing, stocks, bonds, precious metals, etc.), is just kidding themselves. There are just too many factors involved in the major markets for anyone to make a realistic timing call for the top or bottom.

Sure, some people will just get lucky, and the market will take a major turn after one of their dozens of their prior premature predictions turned out wrong.

In today’s market there are so many major factors swirling around the housing market, that it’s really anyone’s call as to when we’ll see a normal market again. Today, I think we all have to agree that one of the major driving factors is the fear of missing out! Now, at least in my opinion, the other major factor affecting today’s housing market, is people realizing that we’ve entered an inflationary economy, and the purchasing value of their savings is being eroded. This single factor is probably the reason there’s so many all-cash offers in today’s market.

Just perhaps, if the Federal Reserve board gets a handle on inflation, that could be a big factor in reducing the demand not only for housing but for the phenomenon we’re seeing with all cash home purchases.

Housing Market 2022


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