July 12, 2024

economic recovery
economic recovery

Targeting of spending means putting the money directly into the hands of those who can use it to develop the economy and create jobs.

Propping up state and local governments, while not an entirely bad idea, does little to create jobs and can be left for later. In the meantime, the states should be allowed to operate at a deficit, issuing bonds to keep them going, and making up the debt with increased income and fiscal austerity once tax revenues have come back.

The money needs to be placed in the hands of small and medium-size businesses, in the form of grants or low-interest loans,.This would allow these businesses to expand, innovate, develop new products, and put people to work. Bailing out an already sick industry is not the answer. We see now that Chrysler will not be able to introduce new models based on Fiat products for several years. We also see that GM has not been successful in selling the Saturn brand, and will now abandon it. Despite the bailouts, the ship continues to the bottom.

Spending does not have to be in the form of cash or credit. One of the most effective things that can be done is to revise the federal tax code to ease the burden on business, stop penalizing the re-investment of profits, and make it more attractive to keep one’s manufacturing operations in the US.

Keep in mind that adding in the subtracted birth/death model numbers to U6 unemployment gives us a current real unemployment rate of 21.4-percent in the United States. The current lie of 9.8-percent is a joke and misrepresentation of the facts.

It is not capitalism that has failed — it is Big Government and socialism that have failed in America!!!

I am still an optimist as long as Congress is thrown out in 2010. Congress IS the PROBLEM.

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3 thoughts on “Ideas for Economic Recovery

  1. OK America Business & Politicians…..it’s time for you idiots to get out of the way of those who have real answers to save the economy. You idiots have been in power too long. You don’t know what you’re doing trying to save those stupid banks and mortgage companies. You’ve screw the American public out of their equity in their homes, that which was driving this economy. Threat was the “ATM” of the consumer. Let OBAMA and his team come on the field and shut down that stupid war, and put plans in place to put America back to work.

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  2. The legal changes Obama is bringing will force a more equitable distribution of wealth AND risk. First, he will rebuild the social safety net, shredded by decades of rightwing mismanagement. Second, the better government regulation will bring more centralized control back over the markets. As time goes on, the federal government will reassert its rightful authority over more sectors of the economy, and we will march together into a brighter future for our children!

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