July 13, 2024

Newsom signs New California Housing Law

If you earn enough money, I think you should have the opportunity to buy a single-family home with a bit of space between you and your neighbors. I could see adjusting the zoning a bit but eliminating it seems extreme. If you turn quiet neighborhoods into highly populated urban spaces you get the good but you also get the bad. Also, I’ve seen firsthand that developers don’t give a shit about the privacy or quality of life of single-family homeowners. Keep in mind, the parking/garage/carport requirements are all now just history. So, get ready to to spend 10 minutes looking for parking for yourself and or house guests. But, the block or two walk from your crammed parking space to your sardine can condo will be good for your health . . . well that is if the new higher crime rate in your high-density neighborhood doesn’t make you a crime victim on your walk home!

Newsom signs New California Housing Law

I’ve had enough of cramped city living to last me the rest of my life (growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y.). I will never choose a dense urban setting ever again. That being said, I understand that not everyone is like me. I don’t want to be that close to my neighbors. I don’t want to be chained to a mass transit schedule to get to where I want or need to go. But there are many people for whom that sort of life is not just appealing, but a dream come true. Most big cities would probably do better to change their R1 zoning and re-lay streetcar tracks and the like. I’ll just never be the sort of person who would go to live in any of those places.

Our tyrant’s rich friends are loving this, but the people in those newly rezoned areas will never find a parking spot again. Unintended consequences mean nothing to tyrants.

New California Housing Law


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