July 15, 2024

Real Estate Market 2016

This video is about real estate cycles. Since this was produced in November 2015 the cycle depicted by John in the video is his opinion of the current real estate market 2016. I believe his explanation of the real estate cycle is 100% correct, but what is open for interpretation is exactly where the market is in current time.

John Cochran will teach you all about the different Real Estate market cycles we will see in our lifetime AND how to predict “Shift” in Real Estate. Not only will he show you all about these cycles but most importantly you will know how to react in each one to make a boatload of money in each one.  See additional comments below the video.

Yes it’s easy to look back and determine where the market was, but it’s extremely difficult with any did degree of accuracy to say exactly where the real estate market is at the current time.

The same can be said of the stock market, but the big difference between the stock market and the residential real estate market is the fact that the stock market can have almost instantaneous corrections, where the real estate market takes many months and usually years before establishing a definitive trend.

 Real Estate Market 2016

home improvement - Real Estate Market 2016As a general rule, high appreciation rates and decreasing inventory levels means rising markets (hope, optimism, excitement) . Increasing inventory levels and stagnant or decreasing prices means falling markets (denial, fear, panic).

What becomes difficult to determine is exactly when the real estate market is turning. In San Diego right now we are experiencing very low residential real estate inventories of homes available for sale and high appreciation rates especially for coastal properties and first-time buyer properties.

So, for me personally, there’s no debate San Diego real estate is definitely experiencing a rising market. But, we’ve been experiencing this improving market for a number of years now. Plus, we’ve just had our first federal reserve interest rate increase which many believe is just the first increase of many others to follow in 2016.

Could these factors be playing into the creation of the top in our San Diego real estate market? It’s my opinion they certainly could! This does not mean that the market is about to turn and head into a down cycle. Although this can happen it’s more likely that 2016 will experience very modest home appreciation in San Diego while maintaining the upward bias in the residential real estate market.

If you haven’t already, be sure to read my Outlook for the San Diego 2016 real estate market.

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