July 12, 2024

San Diego home sales
San Diego home sales

California experienced a 59 percent peak-to-trough decline in price, hitting bottom in 2009 versus a 29 percent peak-to- trough decline experienced by the national market. Some economists believe this steep decline indicates the state is further along in its return to a normal market than the national market.

But, with that said, housing follows long term trends and the trend in San Diego is still down for MANY reasons. It will not turn around soon. If you want your San Diego house or condominium to go up in value, paint it with neutral colors, get rid of the clutter, spruce up the lawn, and put it up for sale. Don’t try to wait out the market until the prices magically return to pre-Lehman levels. It’s over, the game was rigged, and the government won’t let that mistake happen again soon. If you will need to sell within 5 or 10 years, better to sell now. Time to get out the paint brush.

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