July 12, 2024

San Diego real estate aerial photography


High-tech real estate marketing is the key to achieving the best possible price for your property within the shortest marketing time. Yes, it’s all about exposure … and in this case, high-tech exposure!

*** Until the FAA issues final regulations on drone usage, the commercial use of them is in question. So, it’s best to just use them just for your personal hobby interests. We are NOT offering any aerial photography services at this time.

Most people don’t know it, but YouTube is the world second largest search engine! Currently, in San Diego, my site, www.Brokerforyou.com is generating over 40,000 unique visitors per month! Now, combine this with my high-tech 24 hour radio information broadcasting for each individual listing, and one or more videos of the property that incorporate this aerial video photography, and a seller can be assured that they are achieving the best marketing possible for their property.

I combine this marketing with my 30 years of residential real estate experience to ensure that my clients achieve the best possible price marketing or selling residential real estate in the San Diego California market!

To see my first use of a real estate drone for aerial real estate photography, please cut-and-paste this link into your browser:


Thinking of selling your San Diego home? Get high-Tech marketing like this – Youtube video, with aerial video  photography & 24/7 radio broadcast of your homes features! Contact Bob Schwartz at bob@brokerforyou.com

Phantom 2 Vision+Phantom 2 Vision+ San Diego aerial photography

San Diego video drone


Bob Schwartz San Diego real estate broker – CA Lic. # 00706331

San Diego real estate aerial photography