July 15, 2024

San Diego residential trash cans

San Diego residential trash cans Here are some facts about the San Diego Black trash cans that are designed for live pick up into the trash trucks:

In 2008 the city of San Diego stopped replacing these trash cans for free.

The blue recycle trash cans are still free from the city.

If you need a new black garbage can is going to cost you $70.

The black city trashcan as an approximate 10 year lifespan.

San Diego residential trash cans If the San Diego city garbage collector notices that you’re black trashcan is no longer functional they will flag it for replacement. If you’re black trashcan is under 10 years old there is a possibility you might be eligible for a small rebate.

The city of San Diego replaces approximately 10,000 Black trash cans a year.

In the city of San Diego there are approximately 325,000 residential black trash cans in use.

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