July 14, 2024

San Diego Real Estate Drone

This is my new real estate drone that I just purchased to replace my DJI Phantom.

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 G drone Unpacking

The Yuneec Typhoon G is the newest a series of unmanned aerial video (UAVs) developed by the Chinese company Yuneec. This new model is the first that you use your own GoPro camera. So, it is without question the best aerial photography platform for your money . . . If, and it’s a big if you already own a GoPro camera!

Personally, I’ve had about three drones prior to getting this and this is by far the best not only in construction quality but also in technology. The main reasons I purchased this model are because it allows me to use my existing Go-Pro Hero for black edition which is a forte resolution sports camera. Since I already use the Go-Pro on motorcycle rides and out with my two Airedale Terriers, it was not cost effective to get one of the drone models that had a proprietary camera on it when I already was capable of shooting in 4K with the GoPro.

As I’m writing this, the latest news reports are saying that the FAA will announce in two days required registration for all new drone purchases. I’m not really concerned about this because I intend to operate it in a sensible manner. Now, with that said, I really don’t think that government registration will prevent the misuse of these radio controlled models by dumb-ass operators!

For years now, the DJI drone as well as this Typhoon G drone come pre-programmed where the operator cannot fly the drone over 400 feet or within or close to airports. But, older drones do not have this programming built-in and the cheap little radio controlled models that you could pick up in any department store for  $150 do not have GPS capability in most cases and certainly don’t have this safety protection.

San Diego Real Estate Drone

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 G - San Diego Real Estate Drone
San Diego Real Estate Drone

I think it would be far better for the government to mandate something to the effect that all drones that are capable of flying let’s say over 300 feet from the operator have these restrictions in the GPS software if they’re going to be sold in the United States. This simple manufacturing import restriction would be much more effective than new government mandated registration. The government through some law or regulation cannot restrict or eliminate the careless use of automobiles let alone, radio controlled models!

There has been talk on a lot of drone forums on the Internet that the final regulations that should be coming within the next few months from the FAA may possibly exempt drones from the current stringent regulations if under 5 pounds. This makes perfect sense to me. Currently, the government allows anybody to use a drone as long as it’s for recreation/hobby purposes. For commercial use of drones, which in the government’s eyes, includes videotaping property listings (even if your client is not paying for this additional service), you have to get a government permit. Recently, the FAA has made this permit process much easier. Unfortunately, what many do not realize is that even if you get a permit the Catch-22 in this whole process is that the operation of the drone itself has to be currently done by a licensed pilot. So, if you are a real estate agent and happen to have a commercial or recreational pilots license, no problem! But, if not, the FAA has threatened to bring legal action for any commercial drone use without their permit.

San Diego Real Estate Drone - Typhoon Q500 G

From what I’m hearing, if the drone is under 5 pounds and you operated in a safe manner, which currently includes always within line of sight, never over people or crowds, never near restricted property/airspace/airports, or near emergency service operations where it could be a hindrance to the authorities, you should be okay to fly. If this comes about, naturally one of the best uses would be for promotional listing videos of high-end properties.

Aerial video photography of properties is a great way to enhance the marketability of your listings by being able to show from the air how the property is situated and the nearby neighborhood features. Personally, I think that real estate aerial video photography should just be one segment within your main interior and on the ground video of the listing. By incorporating aerial video within your basic video marketing you can really give prospective buyers a total appreciation for the property.

Typhoon G San Diego video drone
my new San Diego Real Estate Drone

Looking at this in another way, this is also a great listing tool. In today’s environment most potential sellers, especially of high-end properties, are interviewing multiple agents. Why not bring along your drone on your next listing appointment, it would sure be a conversation piece and could actually make the difference between getting the listing or just getting a thank you note for showing up. Also, you could just bring your notebook or tablet and show the potential home seller another video that you made that incorporated aerial drone photography and how you will do the same for this property should they decide to utilize your marketing services.

Now I know what some of you are thinking; yes, Bob, all that sounds good but I don’t want to take a chance on violating FAA rules so I’ll just wait until they’re dronr rules are finalized. My answer to that is that I totally understand, but I think you’re not thinking through the entire situation. From the FAA’s own statements and the opinions of many in the know people, it’s just a matter of months before their rules for commercial drone use are announced. So, during this time, should you purchase a drone like this Typhoon G now you can become proficient in just a couple of days or weekends for that matter, with its operation and can also have created a number of videos examples showing, let’s say ,your own home as if you were going to be marketing it by incorporating aerial drone footage. So once, the rules are out there you’ll have a big head start over your fellow real estate agents.

Also, right now you could bring it, as I said before, on listing appointments, or just bring videos that you’ve created using it and tell the prospective home seller that you are proficient, so once the final rules are in place, if they’re listed with you, within a week or two you will have an aerial video of their property up on YouTube as well as your own real estate sites! To take this one step further, if you create a demo video of your own home, as if it was going to be put on the market, you could take this video and easily burn it to a DVD or Blu-ray disc in 4k and give it to your client at the listing presentation so they can review it at their leisure. As more and more people are going with new 4kTVs, I’m sure when they look at your Blu-ray disc the footage will knock their socks off! Plus, you’re almost guaranteeing that you will be in first place in their agent review process.

Now, this is all without actually using your new Typhoon G drone on their property! Be up front, and tell them yhe video footage of their property in the marketing video on YouTube and the many other sites that now except video uploads, will be without the drone footage. But, as soon as the government rules are clarified, if the property is not in escrow yet, naturally you will produce a new marketing video that incorporates the aerial drone footage.

San Diego Real Estate Drone


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  1. no. This model ‘G’ is priced extremely low for the technology that’s incorporated and the main reason for this is that you have to have your own go pro camera to use with it.

  2. Ron, currently, without question this is the best drone for the money if you already have your own go pro camera. Plus, it is extremely easy to fly and has what they call at turtle mode where it the maneuvers and the flight speed are extremely slow. This low-speed is great for learning and also the best way to take video..

  3. to stay ahead of the crowd! Plus if you read my comments under the video you’ll see that I think this is a very powerful listing tool that’s effective even without using it actually film the clients property.

    Lastly, the government is going to be issuing final regulations within the next few months, and many believe that the small radio controlled models will be exempt from the more stringent rules for the larger drones and basically only subject to sensible use.

  4. Yes, thanks for this. Could you post some photos/video of what the controller looks like up close?

    Also, your video is so sharp, what camera are you using?

    Thank you very much.

  5. Working on it. I’m backed-up due to rainy weather and finding the time to do the editing.

    If you get a free subscription to this blog, you’ll automatically get an e-mail notice every time I put up a new post.

    I expect to have some new drone post of not only the first light but how some of the special high-tech aerial photography features on this work.

  6. J.B. yes, will have another drone video and I’ll put some close-ups of the controller up within the week.

    I’m using a Sony RX100M3 for both the video & photos. The aerial video & photos will be a GoPro Hero 4 Black camera.

  7. The DJI Phantom two vision was/is a good drone. But, Yuneec is ay ahead of them when it comes to implementing advanced aerial automated photographic flight techniques. the Typhoon has 3 very cool features that currently the Phantom does not. These features are what is called: follow me, watch me and geo-fence. I will be talking about these features and actually showing you how they work in a future video. The second most important reason that I switched over was the fact that when I owned my two DJI drones, every time I would contact DJI service support by e-mail I would be lucky if I got a response within a week. Plus, I heard from fellow drone pilots that if you did need service and send back your model to their LA facility, it could easily take months before you would get back.

    Now, I have heard that their service is improving, but at the same time I read glowing reports that Yuneec’s technical and support service was very good. Just recently, on my new Typhoon G, I had a technical support question that I e-mailed him about 5:30 on a Saturday afternoon. on the following Monday at 9:30 AM I received a non-automated reply that Yuneec had received my e-mail and it was forwarded to their technical support division with a assigned case number. Later that same day at approximately 3:45 PM I received a detailed e-mail reply from their technical service department that answered my question.

    I’m always amazed by the number of people who buy these expensive drones from much smaller companies and I don’t even think they’ve considered what it would be if they needed service or technical support. I personally know of a case with the smaller drone manufacturer where if they are local sales dealer could not address the problems, the model would have to be sent back to the manufacturer in China. Plus, at least in the case that I’m thinking of, the buyer would have to pay for the shipping cost back to China, and who knows how long the wait would be before you ever got a model back?

    Both DJI & Yuneec our leaders in the consumer drone market, and both have service facilities located in California.

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